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General Montgomery Day 9.6.14 I had never been to General Montgomery Day so this was the year to go. I was able to park relatively close so it wasn't too far to go. There were so many people there but everything was well organized. There was lots of good food and of course live music on 3 stages all day. On one stage near the park I had the pleasure of seeing many of the young adults of the Hudson Valley Conservatory, a showcase for young artistic talent and the only performing arts school in the area. I was truly amazed with the talent on display and hope to have the opportunity to document some of the shows in the future. I finally got to see the Midnight Image Band General Montgomery Day 9.7.14-68General Montgomery Day 9.7.14-68 perform on a different stage. I had heard that they were exceptional and they showed that in their performance. People were dancing in the street and having a wonderful time. Rain shortened the time that Midnight Image could play but i'm sure I will get to see them again soon. To see photos of Montgomery Day CLICK HERE or go to "Events and Places" in the menu. Be sure to click on "Slideshow" in the upper right corner to see the photos full screen.  General Montgomery Day 9.7.14-42General Montgomery Day 9.7.14-42

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Still Surfin at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.28.14 There is nothing like sitting down at Sugar Loaf Crossing and listening to a great concert on a nice summer evening. What makes it even better is when you can hear a great Beach Boys tribute band, Still Surfin Still Surfin at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.28.14-51Still Surfin at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.28.14-51 . I had the pleasure of photographing this group a few years ago and they were just as good the second time around. Still Surfin at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.28.14-28Still Surfin at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.28.14-28 The crowd enjoyed remembering the old days of surf and beach songs along with hot cars and even hotter babes !!! I sure hope Still Surfin will come again soon so we can have another night of great memories in song. "CLICK HERE" to go to the gallery page direct or go to "Concerts" then "Sugar Loaf Crossing" to see other great concerts from this great venue. As always, be sure to look in the upper right corner and click on "Slideshow" Still Surfin at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.28.14-59Still Surfin at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.28.14-59 to see a great full screen show. 

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New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 Community Day is always special in New Windsor. I go to many events and festivals throughout the year but none compare to this one. Matt Veronisi and his staff plan and put on the best event in the Hudson Valley. This is a huge undertaking and the Town of New Windsor deserves a lot of praise and thanks from all who attend. This year was extra special because the field that the event takes place on, formerly named Mt. Airy Sports Complex was renamed and dedicated in memory of Kristi Babcock who tragically died a year ago. Kristi had worked in the Recreation Dept. for 13 years and was loved by all. A 19 ton boulder was taken from her sister's yard and used as a centerpiece for the memorial which displays a plaque including a photo of Kristi and an inscription from her co-workers in the Recreation Dept. A photo of the memorial is included in the gallery of photos. New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part1-119New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part1-119 I tried to include all the vendors and entertainment in my photos but was only able to capture most of the food vendors, rides and entertainment. This year I split the photos into two galleries so that the resulting slideshows were not too long. The first set is basically vendors, rides and entertainment including wrestling, New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part1-6New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part1-6 The Manakling Brothers and Tim Urban. The second set showcases the band Radio Riot, Tim Urban's New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part1-105New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part1-105 "Salute to our Veterans" along with Mickey Mouse, the "Healey Car Dice Roll" and fireworks. To see all the photos  "CLICK  HERE " or go to the New Windsor folder in the concerts section. New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part2-10New Windsor Community Day 8.23.14 part2-10 As always, when you open each gallery, look to the upper right and click on the  "SLIDESHOW" button for nice full screen viewing. 

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E'lissa Jones and the Wire Choir at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.21.14 Thursday evening at Sugar Loaf Crossing brings a familiar face. I have had the opportunity to photograph E'lissa Jones E'lissa Jones and the Wire Choir at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.21.14-75E'lissa Jones and the Wire Choir at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.21.14-75 two times in the past and this time she brings her students, The Wire Choir as an addition to the performance. E'lissa is a rare talent. She plays several instruments with precision and has great vocal talent to go along with her high energy on stage. The Wire Choir E'lissa Jones and the Wire Choir at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.21.14-2E'lissa Jones and the Wire Choir at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.21.14-2 performed some selections and accompanied E'lissa and her band on others. At one point, E'lissa recognized one of her students E'lissa Jones and the Wire Choir at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.21.14-43E'lissa Jones and the Wire Choir at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.21.14-43 who would be leaving for college the next day. Several students came on stage to join E'lissa and the band. The Wire Choir did an outstanding job despite playing under a tent in a thunderstorm that became shelter for everyone. The sound and lighting crews kept the show going. I hope everyone enjoys the photos. As always, they are free to download and can be used for web or printed material with credit. Be sure to click on the "Slideshow" button near the upper right corner to see an amazing full screen slideshow of the evening. The photos can be found in the "Concerts" section of the menu, then click on "Sugar Loaf Crossing" or just  CLICK HERE  for a direct link. Be sure to mark your calendar for this Thursday at 6:30pm. Sugar Loaf Crossing will be presenting it's last concert of the season, "Still Surfin", a Beach Boys tribute band who were at the Lycian a few years ago. They are outstanding and a fine way to end the summer at Sugar Loaf.

CLICK HERE  for a link to those photos

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Carl Richards Family Picnic 8.16.14 Another year and another Carl Richards Family Picnic. I would say that this is certainly turning into a "Family Tradition" Carl Richards Family Picnic 8.16.14Carl Richards Family Picnic 8.16.14 . What do you think? I always feel so honored to be invited. I am not family but to them they treat me as such. I look forward to it so much each year. 

To see the photos from the afternoon, CLICK HERE  . Be sure to have your sound on and press the slideshow button in the upper right corner for a special surprise !!!!

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A Pete Seeger Hootenanny at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.14.14 The evening started with me sitting in the parking lot, hoping the shower would quickly pass over so that the concert could go on as planned. I checked Weatherbug and was pleased to see that this was just one cell passing through. I posted on Facebook 
"The shower has ended". "Clear sailing for the evening". At the time I didn't know how prophetic those words were going to be.  Tonight we have a celebration of the music and memory of Pete Seeger. Several performers who were close to him and had shared music together were here to lead the crowd in a "Hootenanny". In attendance were Jon Stein, Loretta and Gary Hagan, Pat Lammana and Rick Ahneman, Paul Kaplan, RJ Storm, Kim and Reggie Harris, and Rick and Donna Nestler. Pete Seegar Hootenanny at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.14.14-21Pete Seegar Hootenanny at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.14.14-21 I previously met Loretta and Gary at a prior concert at the Lycian with Tracy DeLucia and met RJ Storm at what I think was KCS 2.21.13 Pete Seeger-11KCS 2.21.13 Pete Seeger-11 Pete Seeger's last TV interview on Access 23 in Port Jervis. The performers took chances singing and leading the audience in the choruses with the other performers helping with harmony and instrumental backup. My highlight of the evening was Kim and Reggie Harris singing their original song "High Over the Hudson" , a tribute to Pete Seeger. When I listened to the opening line of the song, I then realized how prophetic my post on Facebook before the concert had become. "Clear sailing for the evening". You know it was almost like Pete was there with us. What do you think?  Kim and Reggie Pete Seegar Hootenanny at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.14.14-48Pete Seegar Hootenanny at Sugar Loaf Crossing 8.14.14-48 graciously have given me permission to include their song in the "Slideshow" of the evening's photos. The song is available at CD BABY or by CLICKING HERE  . All of the artists can be contacted by Facebook or Twitter or by a "Google" of their names. I encourage you to see these performers at other venues. They all are really talented and enlightening. Did you know that "Sugar Loaf Crossing" has special equipment for hearing impaired attendees? I was talking to Richard after the concert and he explained it all to me. To see photos from the evening, CLICK HERE  or go to the menu under Concerts, then Sugar Loaf Crossing. Be sure to click on the "Slideshow" button in the upper right corner so that you can enjoy Kim and Reggie's song as you enjoy the photos of this incredible event. 

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Florida Family Fun Day 8.10.14                            It couldn't have been a better day for a festival. Lots of sunshine and not too hot. Time for the annual Florida Family Fun Fest. Lots of vendors with great food and crafts. Free rides for the kids and 3 stages full of music all day. Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit Crumley's BBQ who had a nice place to sit and relax while eating. It was a day to reconnect with Hot Rod Band Florida Family Fun Fest 8.10.14-1Florida Family Fun Fest 8.10.14-1 and Tangent Florida Family Fun Fest 8.10.14-16Florida Family Fun Fest 8.10.14-16 as well as Jimmy Sturr Florida Family Fun Fest 8.10.14-36Florida Family Fun Fest 8.10.14-36 and his Band on stage 1. There was very convenient handicap parking which happened to be right near an ice cream truck which I patronized just before going home. Hope you enjoy the band photos.  CLICK HERE  to go directly to the photos or find them under "Events and Places" in the menu.

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Carl Richards Band with Jeremy Langdale at Riverside Park 7.31.14 carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14 Thursday night I had the pleasure of seeing the Carl Richards Band carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14 with special guest Jeremy Langdale carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14 at Riverside Park in Port Jervis. It is such a nice venue for concerts with a very large concrete stage. There were about 200 people enjoying themselves on a nice summer evening. Edwin "Benzee" Benz carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14 who co-hosts Access 23 TV's hit show with Carl, was the emcee tonight. All the people were rockin with the band and were so nice to me. One couple who was parked next to me offered to help carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14carl richards band with jeremy langdale at riverside park 7.31.14 getting my chair out. If anyone knows them, let them know they have their photo on my site sitting on the tailgate of the truck. The one cute little girl in a few of the photos was simply adorable. What do you think? Carl's grandaughter Amber (Red Dress) helped the band out with a few songs and "Peanut" , who is home from college for the summer did backup vocals and a solo of her own. To see all the shots  CLICK HERE  or look in "Concerts" and click on "Carl Richards Band".

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Groovy Tuesday at Palaia Winery 7.12.14 My second concert since being back and I couldn't have chosen a better venue than Palaia Winery. Everyone is always friendly and the entertainment is always first rate. My old friends, Groovy Tuesday Groovy Tuesday at Palaia 7.12.14-1Groovy Tuesday at Palaia 7.12.14-1 headlined "Beatlefest" which honored all the "Fab Four" songs we all used to listen to years ago. It was so nice to have all my old friends come over and wish me well after my long illness. One unusual touch on the evening was having some string instruments come on stage, Groovy Tuesday at Palaia 7.12.14-27Groovy Tuesday at Palaia 7.12.14-27 accompanying Groovy Tuesday on many hits.  CLICK HERE  for direct link to all the concert photos or use the menu to navigate to the Groovy Tuesday folder in "Concerts".

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Sack is Back at Sugar Loaf Crossing !!! 7.10.14 It has been well over a year since I have been able to shoot concert photos due to multiple spinal surgeries and a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. Recently, I was able to get a power chair which will enable me to start shooting again. No better way to start than at Sugar Loaf Crossing with the incredible Jeremy Langdale Band. It was the first concert of the season and lots of changes have taken place on the grounds to make it an even more enjoyable experience. The road coming from Main St. is now paved which makes it even easier for physically challenged people (like me) to access the venue. Plenty of good food was available from the Sugar Loaf Fire Dept. sugarloaf 7.10.14-9sugarloaf 7.10.14-9 The concerts are on Thursday evenings starting at 6:30 pm.

CLICK HERE for  a link to all the photos from the evening. As always, all photos are free to download giving proper credit to


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Summitville FD BBQ 6.15.13 sack.summitvillebbq 6.15.13-123 Nothing like a firehouse BBQ in the summer !!! Summitville FD had a great fundraiser and BBQ this weekend at Catskill Adventure Resort in Wurtsboro. 
There was plenty of food and all the people were so very nice to us. I had a great time talking to all the people there and had the opportunity to talk with one of my old co-workers which made the day extra special. Carl Richards and his band provided the entertainment with a mix of down home country, some rock, and some oldies.

Photos are located under " Events " in the menu, then  " 2013".

Or you can " CLICK HERE  " for a direct link

Enjoy !!!

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Richards Family Picnic 2013 Well it's that time of year again and the Richards Family Picnic at Airport Park really took off despite some really gusty winds. There was so much food and plenty to drink. It was so nice to see and hear our Access 23 TV family entertaining everyone.

Of course, The Carl Richards Band was the main attraction.  They had the crowd rockin as usual and all the kids and grandchildren had a great time playing on swings. Tammy brought some "extra special" Apple Jack which I hear made it's way into some Gummy Bears.

There was also a "touch" football game that ended up being a lot more than just touch. One of the players ended up with a cracked rib and I don't mean the kind you find on the grill.

Photos can be found in the menu under "Events and Places" then look for the year 2013. The photos in the "Sack" folder are mostly from inside the pavilion and the "WhollyMos" folder are mostly from the playground and game areas and taken by Mariann.

The photos can also be found by  "Clicking Here"


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Keepin Country Strong 2.21.13 Pete Seeger and RJ Storm Band Well I have to say that Thursday night was one of my most memorable photo shoots. I had the opportunity to photograph the legendary Pete SeegerKCS 2.21.13 Pete Seeger-73 with RJ Storm and the Old School BandKCS 2.21.13 Pete Seeger-25 on the set of Keepin Country Strong. It's not often that you get an opportunity to see a living legend perform live  in concert.  Pete is 93 years old if my information is correct but he sure sings like he was 23. Pete has so many stories that he loves to tell his audiences. He is simply captivating when he speaks. I could just sit and listen to him share these stories for hours. One of the most memorable moments of the evening was when he invited the studio audience to sing along with him as he performed his legendary " Turn, Turn, Turn ". It was such a wonderful moment seeing Pete do what he does best, share his music and the awareness that the lyrics bring to us.

He was accompanied by RJ Storm and the Old School Band playing great bluegrass with banjo,acoustic guitar and stand up bass and vocals. Of course, Pete sang and played his legendary banjo.KCS 2.21.13 Pete Seeger-7

Photos are under "Access 23 TV" in the menu. In the "Keepin Country Strong" folder, look under "2013" and the photos will be there or justKCS 2.21.13 Pete Seeger-74

CLICK HERE  for a direct link.

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Jermaine Paul at the Castle 2.15.13 Jermaine Paul returned to the Castle on 2.15.13 for another sold out concert. I was thrilled to receive an email from Sue, the event coordinator and an invite to do photos for the event. The evening started with Mike and Ed's Acoustic Adventure, a great duo. They did a great set and had the crowd all warmed up and ready for the main event.Jermaine Paul at the Castle 2.15.13-2

Jermaine has made changes in the band but still has his brother Charles and sister Wendy to help out with the vocals. Jermaine is a lover of children and it really shows by the way he interacts with them on stage. He invites them up to dance and sing with him which is a joy to the children. He did get some adults up on the stage with him as well.

Jermaine Paul at the Castle 2.15.13-39

Enjoy the photos and plan to buy Jermaine's upcoming cd which is going to be released shortly

Photos can be found in the "Concerts" section of the menu. Jermaine has his own folder there. 



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Lakota Wolf Preserve 9.30.12 (PhotosBySack) Mon, 01 Oct 2012 18:39:41 GMT PEEC Harvest Festival 9.15.12 It was a wonderful fall day and a great time to have the annual PEEC Harvest Festival. Lots of vendors and great food. So many educational opportunities for the public. Can't wait till it comes around next year !!!PEEC Harvest Festival 9.15.12-2

Photos can be found under "Events and Places" or directly by  " CLICKING HERE "PEEC Harvest Festival 9.15.12-27 PEEC Harvest Festival 9.15.12-25



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New Windsor Idol Competition Photos are now up !!!! Yes I finally finished them. Everyone did such a wonderful job up there. I enjoyed being a part of your journey to stardom!!! Good luck to all of you. Hope you like the photos.New Windsor Idol Competition 8.8.12-50 New Windsor Idol Competition 8.8.12-52

They can be seen by going to " Concerts / New Windsor "



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New Windsor Idol Competition 8.8.12 Photos from last night's competition will be up soon. Hoping by late tonight or early tomorrow. All the contestants were so good. I enjoyed being part of this special day. Come back again later and check if the photos are done.

I'm off to Port Jervis to Co Host " Keepin Country Strong " on Access 23 TV . It will air live at 9pm in Port Jervis and next week either Tuesday or Wednesday evening  on Time Warner Cable depending on your location. I will be talking about 3 fundraising events coming to our area soon that we all should support. I am going to be at each taking photos. Kenstock 3 is a fund raiser for the American Heart Association, New Windsor Community Day will have Nuts in a Blender as the featured band with fireworks, and Rock the Mountain 2012 will raise funds for "Spectrum For Living ", an adult home for the disabled. All are worthy causes . More info to follow.


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